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Exceptional auto electric service!

A crucial part of any vehicle is the electric system. A problem with it can cause your car not only to fail starting but it can also make your vehicle a potential danger. Nowadays, especially with the new tendency to introduce more and more electrical components in the automotive industry, the need for a reliable and trustworthy auto electric service is essential.

Welcome to The Car Shop of Oswego, the place where all your auto electric problems are fixed fast and efficiently. Using the latest technology in computer diagnostics, our electric engineers are more than able to have your car back on the road in no-time. Furthermore, they guarantee the safety and reliability of your vehicle for many years to come.

Here is what our technicians can do for you:

  • Auto electric Oswego NYComputer diagnostics;
  • Lighting repair;
  • Ignition testing and repair;
  • Alternator problem fix;
  • Starter repair;
  • Heating & cooling repair;
  • Internal engine electric troubleshooting and repair;
  • Sensor testing and replacement;
  • … and many other auto electric services;

– all services are available for cars, light and heavy trucks as well as motorcycles in Oswego, NY.

Your safety is our #1 priority.

Every electrical component inside your car is meant either to improve the comfort in driving or to increase your safety. When an electrical part fails to perform, both your car and yourself, are in imminent danger.

An appropriate example would be your car’s airbag system. Although the airbag works mostly based on a chemical reaction which makes the bag inflate almost instantly at the moment of an impact, the deployment command is given by your car’s sensors. All sensors work on electricity. Now you can imagine what’s going to happen (or not happen) if you have an electrical problem. In case of an accident, your airbag system will fail to deploy.

There are many other examples that prove the importance of proper electric repairs. However, the mechanics that are performing the repairs are even more important. A poor job may lead to serious problems, not only with your electrical system, but also with the safety features of your car. Hire The Car Shop of Oswego for any auto electric repair or brake repair you may have and rest assured the job is done according to all safety regulations.

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