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Be a responsible driver, have your brakes inspected today!

A proper inspection and a reliable brake pad replacement may save you money by preventing a metal-on-metal condition to occur. Using your car with worn-out brake pads, even for a little while, accelerates the need to replace expensive drums and rotors. In addition, it makes your car unsafe to drive and puts both you and your family in danger. Be responsible and perform a brake repair with The Car Shop of Oswego – we put your car back on the road safely and fast.

When should you call (315) 342-0522 and schedule a brake repair?

  • Brake repair Oswego NYYour brakes are continuously grinding, squeaking or squealing;
  • Your car pulls or jerks to one side when braking;
  • Your brake warning light comes on;
  • Your brake pedal feels unusually hard or soft and spongy;
  • You noticed brake fluid leaks;
  • You need to pump your brakes in order for them to work properly.
  • if you experience any of these signs, we urge you to contact us and have your brakes fixed immediately.

What can the team from The Car Shop of Oswego do for you?

  • replace worn brake shoes and/or brake pads;
  • change the brake fluid;
  • resurface drums and brake rotors;
  • … any other brake repair service needed, top get your car ready and in perfect driving condition.

All work guaranteed.
The Car Shop of Oswego is a fully licensed and insured auto repair shop. We work with all major car manufacturing companies and we are in affiliation with many of them. In addition to our licenses and insurances, we also offer our services as a Ford, ALS and MACS certified company. Trust your brake repair service to only competent and certified auto repair shops and have peace of mind your car is safe and reliable.

Prices? Highly competitive.
Our company offers many discounts and highly competitive rates. Despite performing some of the most trusty and reliable auto repairs, we also feel responsible for our clients and want them to have their cars safe and sound, regardless of their financial status.

Call us and trust The Car Shop of Oswego is not only to keep you going, but to also help you stop. We also offer motorcycle repair!