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The Car Shop of Oswego is the place where your motorcycle will enjoy the love and attention it deserves.

Our 22 years of experience in motorcycle repair and servicing ensure your race or road motorcycle will get the best service in Oswego, NY. Furthermore, we work in one of the most equipped and organized auto repair shops, that will not only guarantee a job done right but also a clean and reliable service. Trust The Car Shop of Oswego‘s specialists with your motorcycle repair needs, and expect nothing but proficiency and excellency.

Our service list includes but is not limited to:

  • Motorcycle repair Oswego NYchanging engine oil;
  • change engine oil filter;
  • checking antifreeze level and consistency;
  • testing and recharging the battery;
  • checking, replacing or fixing tires;
  • replacing/inspecting brake pads and fluid;
  • repairing/replacing lights and controls;
  • … many other motorcycle repair services, tailored to your motorcycles particular make and model;

our services are available for every motorcyclist in or around Oswego, NY.

All you need for your motorcycle under one roof.
As a true motorcycle repair and maintenance shop, we offer an impressive number of services and motorcycle parts. Our suppliers are highly renowned and reliable, ensuring not only quality products but also manufacturers warranties. Another aspect of working with our suppliers is the low prices we’re eligible for when ordering big quantities. The Car Shop of Oswego has many faithful motorcycling clients that use our services regularly so rest assured our orders are industrial most of the time, thus the price for your part will be less than anywhere else.

The best mechanics for your motorcycle.
Our technicians have worked on many motorcycles, from racing and dirt, to choppers and road motorcycles. Whatever type of motorcycle you have, we are confident our mechanics can fix it, no matter what’s wrong with it. As a reputable motorcycle repair shop, we provide constant training for our employees so that they stay up to date with all new methods and techniques as well as the latest models in the motorcycle industry.

We can do more than simple repair. We even can offer you car inspection services.

Have your motorcycle repaired!
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